Age: 18

Horoscope: Scorpio

Birthdate: November 2

Height: 162cm

Bust Size: 85cm

Class: Year 3 Group A

Character Image: Brown hair, short curly hair

Personality: Willful, two-faced, uncooperative, envious.


Character Introduction:

Her appearance and grades were not particularly noteworthy, and she seemed willful and talkative. However, on the inside, she was weak and lacked self-confidence. Her family was not rich, and she was afraid of being bullied, so she chose to ally herself with Ozasa Megumi and Nakiri Sayori - precisely speaking, she was allying herself with Ozasa Megumi’s strength and Nakiri Sayori’s popularity.

The first time she saw Fujiwara Hiro, she really liked him. Each day, she unknowingly paid extra attention to him, which caused her previously good grades to decline.

She felt very inferior, and thought that Ozasa Megumi and Nakiri Sayori would also turn their backs on her. As a result, she had to mend her relationship with Nakiri Sayori.

Later on, while visiting someone at the hospital, she found out that Miyazawa Moe and Fujiwara Hiro had a past with which nobody else could intervene. She decided to abandon her desire for Fujiwara Hiro, and gave up her love for him that was not meant to succeed.

Romantic Journey:

Liked Fujiwara Hiro, so she envied and hated Miyazawa Moe. Later on, she found that Fukihara Reika had also had a relationship with Fujiwara Hiro, but she did not dare to bully her. This was because Fukihara Reika had good relationships with all of the boys and had many friends.