Age: 18

Horoscope: Libra

Birthdate: September 26

Height: 165cm

Bust Size: 80cm

Class: Year 3 Group A

Character Image: Burgundy-colored hair, bob hairstyle.

Personality Characteristics: Individualistic, firm, overbearing, and a bit impulsive. Very loyal to Naito Amane and Nakiri Sayori, and was typically not a very good student, but actually was not as bad as she looked.


Character Introduction: Liked to smoke, but the school prohibited smoking, so she could only suck on a lollipop and pretend she was smoking.

She often caused trouble and started fights because her grades were not very good, and the dean of students often scolded her. Ozasa Megumi couldn’t stand ‘good students’ like Miyazawa Moe. After she found out about Miyazawa Moe’s relationship with Fujiwara Hiro, she put forth extra effort to slander and humiliate her.

Ozasa Megumi had a good relationship with Naito Amane because she didn’t like that Miyazawa Moe’s arrival made Naito Amane feel brokenhearted, and Ozasa Megumi targeted Miyazawa Moe.

Ozasa Megumi never revealed if she had feelings for anyone.