Age: 18 years

Horoscope: Virgo

Birthdate: September 20

Height: 158cm

Bust Size: 78cm

Class: Year 3 Group A

Character Image: White hair, side-swept bangs, hair reaching the shoulders, often in twintails, and with slightly curled ends.

Personality Characteristics: Very determined and didn’t like relying on others, and also didn’t trust anyone else. Had relatively mature thinking, and was very sentimental.

Had good grades, was skilled at drawing, and enjoyed reading. She was Fujiwara Hiro’s classmate after she transferred to the school.


Character Introduction:

People envied her because she was perfect. She had been bullied, so she transferred to Shoba

Senior Middle School. Due to problems she experienced, she was very determined and did not like showing any signs of weakness.

She often scored highly on her humanities exams and excelled in athletics. She performed well in all aspects of her studies, but as she was too perfect, she was not skilled at interacting with others and found it difficult to fit in. She also was consistently misunderstood and excluded.

She was pretty and not very talkative, so people viewed her as being very arrogant. She was bullied at Sanae Girls’ School, so after taking a year off from school, she transferred to Shoba Senior Middle School.      


Her parents worked in another city, and were very proud of her due to her academic excellence and perfect appearance. However, they did not pay enough attention to her, and even did not really understand that she had to transfer to a new school due to bullying, as they thought it was simply because she was unhealthy.

She considered seeking help from her parents, but after she realized that they only wanted an outstanding daughter who made them look good, she abandoned this idea. She dealt with loneliness and exclusion by herself, and used an arrogant and determined exterior to protect herself, at least until she met Fujiwara Hiro.


On multiple occasions, she went walking alone, and later on, Fujiwara Hiro and Tenjin Tatsuhiko took care of her. However, it was also because of this that even more girls envied her.

She was very mature, and seemed cold and detached, but was actually very tolerant. She also intelligently knew what her goals were, and worked very hard because her goal was to gain admission to Tokyo University. However, because she took herself and her life too seriously, she seemed very cold and detached.