Age: 18

Horoscope: Taurus

Birthdate: May 8

Height: 160cm

Bust Size: 84cm

Class: Year 2 Group C

Character Image: Black hair, often in a short hairstyle. Liked using makeup, and could transform herself to reflect a variety of styles.

Personality Characteristics: Extroverted, outgoing, not afraid, and very daring. Gave people a very warm feeling, and was very sensible, but hid behind a bizarre personality that was largely unknown to most people.


Character Introduction:

She did not have a breathtakingly beautiful appearance like that of Miyazawa Moe. However, she was self-confident, flamboyant, vivacious, very approachable, and got along well with everyone.

As a child from a reconstituted family, it is reasonable to say that she was a bit introverted. However, Fukihara Reika seemed completely unlike someone who had experienced sadness, and nobody else was even aware of this secret. She was very carefree and liberated, acted boldly, and was slightly bizarre. She had close friendships with a lot of boys, and many people protected her.

Fukihara Reika told Fujiwara Hiro many times to abandon girls who did not understand how to cherish him. However, she later found that the person he liked was her good friend Miyazawa Moe, and she ended up being part of a painful struggle. Finally, her heart chose Fujiwara Hiro.

As Fukihara Reika was well aware of Miyazawa Moe’s excellence and perfection, she did not hesitate to use her body to remain by Fujiwara Hiro’s side. She understood that this method was a bit despicable, but but she didn’t want to give up on Fujiwara Hiro because she was too fond of his kindness. ‘As I met you relatively late, at least let me exist as someone who is the most unique in your life.’

Finally, after discovering that she had an improper relationship with Fujiwara Hiro, she felt more painful and conflicted. At the same time, she gradually revealed her previous pain. She cared deeply about her family’s opinions, and did things such as attending a cram school to make her mother and stepfather feel happy and at ease. However, it was difficult for her to involve herself deeply in her studies. She was impatient with her boring classes, and wanted her freedom.

She was very smart, but regardless of her situation, could not find a way to focus on her studies.

As her family was incomplete, she felt a strong sense of attachment to them.