Age: 18

Horoscope: Gemini

Birthdate: June 11

Height: 159cm

Bust Size: 83cm

Class: Year 3 Group A

Character Image: This campus beauty was sweet and cute, and had many supporters.

She was the leader of her group that included Ozasa Megumi and Naito Amane, and was like a princess. She was the class leader before Miyazawa Moe arrived. She ran in an election against Miyazawa Moe, but the teacher preferred Miyazawa Moe because she had better grades. However, Miyazawa Moe had no interest in being the class leader, and chose to decline this position. This humiliated and embarrassed Nakiri Sayori.

Personality: She knew very little about herself because of her overwhelming support. She panicked when someone who was pretty and had good grades arrived at the school. At the same time, because Miyazawa Moe’s arrival made Tenjin Tatsuhiko feel uncomfortable, Nakiri Sayori felt enmity towards Miyazawa Moe. However, she never personally acted against Miyazawa Moe, but had Ozasa Megumi and Naito Amane cause trouble for Miyazawa Moe on her behalf.


Character Introduction:

She had a firm and magnanimous personality, was pretty and had excellent grades. The entire school also chose her as their campus beauty, and people at her school always supported her.


Romantic Journey:

Liked Tenjin Tatsuhiko, but was never brave enough to express her feelings to him.

When Miyazawa Moe arrived, she was vastly different from Nakiri Sayori. This made Nakiri Sayori instantly recognize her self-identity, which was something that she was unwilling to admit. Nakiri Sayori was devoted to being better than Miyazawa Moe, but later had to accept the fact that Miyazawa Moe would always be better than herself.